Some of my adventures. Personal, professional, science and photography related. 


So much to do, not enough time

Fixing formatting on my thesis, submitting sequences to a database, looking for work, fixing my car, taking pictures and editing all these projects I still have, plus all the stuff I have to do that I can't remember at this time...

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Doing science

When I started Grad School, everything I was doing was new. I had already received an undergraduate degree but I didn't have this kind of exposure to actually doing science. Working with bacteria, learning molecular techniques and going out into the field. I now say that this was some of the hardest work I have every done but always completely enjoyed it. The days went by so fast and the only thing I did not fully enjoy were those couple of times when the work day went from 8 hours to 12 hr or even close to 24 hr just to get an experiment completed. No wait...

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Friend's new puppy

One of my good friends just got her husband a new puppy. He's a bully named Rocky and he's the grandson of her current dog. Besides the tons of training that my friend is now trying to get used to again, she wanted to remember this little fur ball when he's not going to be so little as he quickly starts growing in the next couple months.....