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I don't like doing things the way you are supposed to. Who ever said that you are supposed to show the person you are with how much you love them on the same day everyone else is doing the same was just stupid. If your love is special and unique, you shouldn't be trying to be or do things like everyone else. Or at least those are the things I told myself when we forgot to do anything for Valentine's day. We did decide just to get together the day after. Nothing big, just took the the gf out to lunch and then we walked around and took some pictures. It wasn't perfect, but that's what made it memorable. 

My plan began with trying to think of places where it would be warm enough that we would be able to take off our jackets (because it was freezing out) and maybe a place so warm that even Alis would take her jacket off (because she never does!). I decided on the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Some of the rooms are also very humid so it is a good way to make it feel like summer in the city in the middle of winter. But we couldn't really spend the whole day there, so after like an hour or two, I decided to go exploring outside, but Alis was not having it. After a short walking through the zoo and to South Pond she decided to run back to the car. 

By the way, we also saw a tiger and to this day its the closest I've ever been to a tiger. 

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Short video with clips taken in-between the picture taking