Doing science

When I started Grad School, I began studying bacteria for the first time in my life. Working with bacteria, learning molecular techniques and going out into the field are all very good days to spend the work day. However, I would say that these were some of the hardest work days I ever had. Still, the days went by so fast. The only thing I did not fully enjoy were those couple of times when the work day went from to 12 hours or even close to 24 hours just to get an experiment completed. No wait, the worse day were when I realized after those 12-24 hr long days that experiment didn't end up working out the way we expected it to.


I finally finished most of the lab work for all my projects and a couple weeks ago I finished almost all my analysis on the sequence data I had been processing. For the first time in forever, the end seemed near. But this last chapter of my time in Grad School (actually writing up all my chapters) has been the worst. Now I find myself missing all that lab work that kept me working some really long days and nights. The writing is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of science. This is the point that allows your to validate and disseminate your work, but its also a very huge task to put together all your gained knowledge from readings and experiments into a nice concise piece of writing that will allow you to get your project's conclusions across in a way that makes other people care and is easy to follow. I'm so close, I just have to keep pushing forward. 

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