Moving on, but first let me finish what I started

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I feel like most people decide to start blogs at the beginning of something or maybe even at the end. But here I am, starting one in the middle of something, so we’ll see where this goes.


I am currently almost (hopefully) done with a Master’s degree. I am in the middle of writing my thesis and working on a presentation to show my progress up to this point to my committee. I am also in the middle of trying to decide what is next.


I know I love science and my life would not be complete without it, but I am not 100% sure pursuing a PhD would be the best for me. I am currently trying to decide, but I know that I will have at least one year where I am working…somewhere, doing something (maybe related to what I have been studying all this time).  The hardest part is knowing that what I decide now is going to affect me for the rest of my life. And I hate not really knowing where I’m meant to end up.